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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services that truly fit any budget! If you have any questions regarding services, pricing, or bookings, please contact us!

Artist Management - Publicity, Image, & Branding

We will help define what sets you apart from other artists, begin building a brand for your musical product, and assist with getting your creativity to the masses!

Our social media experts can develop an effective presence across all of the major platforms to provide the consistency needed for long term success by curating content your followers will want to see in their feeds.

Web Design

Let DB Entertainment construct a web experience that will captivate your audience!

Our web portals are designed to draw an audience in and holds their attention! Although promotion through social media is important, a website will allow a potential fan or customer to focus solely on your product without the temptation on their news feed being one click away! 

Album Preparation

We will help you find the right studio, engineers, producers, graphic artists, and other artists to collaborate with to make your album as impactful as possible!

Show Bookings and Tour Management

If you’re stage ready, we’ve got the connections to put you on stage all over the US and beyond!

Feature Opportunities

Through the years we have collaborated with over 25+ artists ranging from signed superstars to undiscovered talent. We can connect you with the right artists for your project that fit your budget and maximize your potential audience!

Digital Media

Let DB Entertainment create your next event flyer, digital promo material, album cover, single art, artist bio/pamphlet, or digital business cards!


From music videos, live sets, sports events, or your family’s next Christmas card, DB Entertainment’s skilled photographers and videographers are ready to capture the life you’re enjoying!


Not only can we create and design your merch, but our merchandising partners can have your products made and conveniently shipped to you with ease!

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