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Graham Shipley

Freshness Guaranteed! 

With one of the most impressive catalogs in hip-hop,  Graham Shipley has brought an evolving sophistication to his signature sound. Formerly known as Spiff, Graham’s elegant, well-crafted verses have been delivered over carefully constructed, original instrumentals, the Central Illinois  native  is nothing short of creative genius! 

Take some time to cruise through the catalog below and  see for yourself why Graham Shipley is atop any poll for best in class!

Formerly known as Spiff, Graham Shipley is taking his signature sound and applying it to his formal moniker, allowing his authenticity to remain a top priority. Keep that in mind as you enjoy the familiarity and newfound inspirations of his latest single “Stale Blunts”!

Bringing a new melodic and acoustic trio of tracks to your favorite streaming platforms, Spiff showcases his elite craftsmanship and masterful delivery while gracefully moving you from Slug Thuggin' to Soot. 

Following his acoustic masterpiece, "Fall For You", Spiff settles in and delivers a 15 track album filled with flames! Packed with elaborate wordplay and unbelievable cadence, Fire is sure to set your headphones ablaze!

Among the most recent releases from Spiff, Yellow Kelso is a cover to cover classic! Our favorites from this album are Poppycock, and Jabba the Hut!

An exceptional collection of melodious tracks with deep sentiment. This fantastic arrangement boasted singles like "Selfie", "Gricklegrass", and more!  

This December, Spiff set out to challenge himself to put the Christmas spirit to work! Check out this collection of holiday favorites re-imagined!

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