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About DB Entertainment

We want to help make a difference! 

Our goal is to provide a top of the line experience for our clients by offering a wide variety of services and delivering results!
DB Entertainment's team is dedicated to serving both the needs of the clients we represent as well as the communities we are involved in!

We are here to serve! 

DB Entertainment's team is dedicated to providing a professional and knowledgeable partnership with you in order to achieve your goals. We specialize in constructing a marketing campaign, creating promotional materials, and assisting in growing your target audience. We are able to combine our first hand knowledge of promotion with an educated team and a vast network of great connections in the industry to provide an unmatched client experience.



We provide value and quality that deliver results and build the relationships that fosters long-term success.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability for behaving honestly and ethically.


We work together to meet the needs of our guests, partners, teammates and, in turn, our community. 


By communicating expectations directly, assuming good will, and attacking every situation with love, we hope to provide respect worthy of reciprocity. 

Please Contact Us For More Information & Booking

Word on the Streets is:

These guys have such a diverse group of artists and always deliver a quality show! DB Entertainment has become my new source for excellent music! 

-  Jake P.  -

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