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36 N Brimstone is a sinister and vicious trio hailing from the Midwest. Their melodic and powerful wordplay comes from Roivas and Lord Tak, who thread their message of beautiful chaos over No Face's masterfully crafted instrumentals. Slashing their way through 2019 with heavy hitting tracks like "Death Wish", "Grease Trap", and "Dem Bones", 36 N Brimstone has been releasing music consistently throughout 2020! The first of 3 installments leading up to the highly anticipated album ANAXPHOBIA! The gang's Roadshow features high energies and sinister emotions, evidenced in tracks like "Roadkill" ft. Young Matt and  "Atomic #36" ft. Kung Fu Vampire! But that's not even close to all of the POWERFUL singles they've released, including "I Don't Wanna Die Sober" and "Hell Here", in preparation for their debut album АиахрновiА!  

Hell Here - 36 N Brimstone (Official Music Video)

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