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What a year 2020 has been!

Looking back on one of the strangest years in history, it is remarkable to see how creative, resilient, and productive our team has been in 2020! From releasing new music, shooting music videos, attending interviews, and even performing at live events throughout the country, our phenomenal conglomerate managed to avoid this century's plague and put out an abundance of incredible art for us to enjoy!
Here is a recap of DB Entertainment's fantastic 2020 and our poll for Artist, Album, Single, and Music Video of the Year! 

Artist of the Year

Starting 2020 with a music video featuring Strange Music's Joey Cool and a live performance in Omaha for Korrupted Whiteout, Mac set the tone for the team's stellar year! Since releasing the hit single "More Than Famous" in July, Mac has been putting the final touches on his third studio album to come in 2021! 

Leading the year with two strong singles and a headlining performance at Springfield's Dumb Records, Satisfy put his foot on the gas early and didn't let up. Rounding out the year with the jaw-dropping EP Anomaly and a few amazing new visuals to add to his catalog, big plans are coming to fruition for the central Illinois star!

With creativity that just cannot be contained, Spiff used his 2020 to showcase his incredible talent in a simply elaborate way. The sophisticated and signature sounds of Spiff shined through the acoustic collection released mid-year, while his monstrous wordplay and unique production talents reigned in his end of year album, Fire!

Shattering expectations from 2019, we've seen a slew of singles, two EP's, 4 live performances, and several new music videos from 36 N Brimstone this year! Working with industry titans including Kid Crusher, Lex The Hexmaster, and Kung Fu Vampire, our fearsome trio has solidified their name as a force to be reckoned with -- even before releasing their first full length album.  

Leading with the impressive self produced single, Sauce, and a headlining performance at Forever NU Fest, Sheven started the year with a burst of momentum. Keeping busy in preparation for his next album, Sheven has released a spread of snippets through social media to keep his fans on edge as we await his next masterpiece! 

Maintaining one of the strongest work ethics in the business, the Vision Glory duo has had a productive year to say the least! Releasing a collaborative album in May and new visuals almost once a month, Moad & Frost have applied pressure all year and show no signs of letting up soon! 


Album/EP of the Year

Bringing a new side and sound to Satisfy's catalog, Anomaly has been sited as his best work to date! This well put together EP highlights several of the strengths that Satisfy brings to the team! 

This acoustic paragon came to us in the heart of the pandemic and was everything we needed. Critically acclaimed as wholesome and melodic, Spiff graciously moved us through this project exhibiting his divine ability to captivate! 

Fire - Spiff (11/13/20)

Following his acoustic EP, "Fall For You", Spiff settles in and delivers a 15 track album filled with flames! Packed from cover to cover with elaborate wordplay and unbelievable cadence, Fire is sure to set your headphones ablaze!

The leading EP for the group's debut effort, Chapter 1 highlights the tenacious craftsmanship that 36 offers. This collection features heavy hitting tracks like Roadkill ft. Young Matt & O KAY!, and also introduced the first of many major names 36 N Brimstone has collaborated with, Kung Fu Vampire!  

The second installment from 36 N Brimstone features high energies and sinister emotions evidenced in tracks like El Camino ft. Young Matt, Ah Shit, and Scum ft. horrorcore legend Kid Crusher!

This collaborative album has boosted the Vision Glory brothers to central Illinois notoriety with it's unique blend of independent lyricism and mainstream/trap instrumentals!    

Vision Glory's frontman Zach Moad rounds up his year with the sequel to the successful debut album. Young Frost does make several appearances in HD2, however this project resides in Moad's solo catalog!


Single of the Year

Sauce - Sheven (1/17/20)

Self produced and super saucy, Sheven's only single released in 2020 has stayed in constant rotation since January. Sauce is an excellent example of his elegant penmanship and temperate delivery!

Mac Xavier's only 2020 release was the insightful track, More Than Famous! Mac perfectly captures the raw emotions of an artist's struggle and the essence of being careful what you wish for! 

Alone - Satisfy (1/31/20)

Satisfy taps into his alternative rock influences with his first single in 2020, adding this new sound to his catalog while maintaining his ability to self-reflect! 

Linking up with one of his favorite artists in the game, Anoyd, Satisfy took the opportunity to set the pace for the remainder of his career! 

Following his EP Anomaly, Satisfy reminded the airwaves that he was still on coarse for the top as he sings praises of his accomplishments! 

Starting the year by unloading a heavy heart, 36 N Brimstone's Hell Here packs a punch that is sure to rattle your emotions!

Dipping their creative toes in the EDM pool, 36 N Brimstone proves that their talent cannot be contained to one genre and propel you into the tracks energy effortlessly! 

Still inside quarter one, the gang brought us back to their vicious roots and added some extra heat in Young Matt's cleverly written verse!

Ever wanted to knock someone senseless? So have we! Perfectly depicting the urge to let loose, 36 N Brim invite you to 'Talk Shit"!

Majik Ninja's Lex the Hexmaster and Kansas City's Scar, the Monsterr join Roivas of 36 N Brimstone to make damn sure you know their name with this intense tune!

The sequel to the musical interpretation of the classic slasher film, Scream, DEM Bones Pt 2 creeped into our playlists on Halloween 2020 and won't be leaving soon! 

Very deep personal lyrics pull you into the depths of Roivas and Manic!'s pained thoughts, reminding us all that choices have consequences. 

One of the most streamed singles from the team this year, Done Some Thangs was the relatable content of real life that Moad has come to coin. With support from other local talents, this track was one of many greats from 2020!

Telling his life's story and sparing no ones feelings, Zach Moad's Doing The Most takes a stab at the wenches that momentarily ruined his happiness


Music Video of the Year

Video premiered New Years Day and took 2 years to come together, but there it is ladies and gents, B.A.D. by Mac Xavier ft. Strange Music's Joey Cool! 

My Way - Satisfy (Aired 4/16/20)

Shot on a chilly March afternoon by Visual Paradise Films, Satisfy uses this track's heavy handed lyrics and energetic visuals to draw his line in the sand and stand tall above his city!

Zero In - Satisfy (Aired 9/16/20)

The leading visual from Satisfy's electrifying EP Anomaly, Zero In's music video has a casual, 90's VHS tape feel and perfectly captures the essence of this thoughtful piece!  

With visual stimulation taken to the next level, Hell Here's creative depiction of the song's deep felt emotion is second to none and really raises the bar for concept art! 

We've already noted that this track was made with the intent to bash skulls, so it should be no surprise that the video is an eight man brawl in an abandoned house! 

Roivas had found himself alone with his thoughts again during quarantine, leading to the latest installment from his slightly offensive but ultra charming alter ego, "Fat Daddy". 

Shot while the team was visiting Nashville, the Vision Glory gang released this as the leading visual for their collaborative album, High Definition! 

The second visual to come from High Definition features KB9K and a slew of hot bars from the three central Illinois emcees. 

Just five days before the release of High Definition, the vision glory duo exchange energy flawlessly over the second of 3 Skitzo Flows from Zach Moad!

Excellent video work from twentyoneseven studios brought the intensity of each line in Freak Out to life! 

Halfway through the year and the onslaught of visuals aren't finished from the VGE crew! Taking a stab at independent film, Cash Out was edited by Frosty himself!

Following a lit party at the Wet Bar, the gang took shots from the show to make a power anthem for the homies!

We hope you've enjoyed our recap of the hard work and top notch entertainment the DBENTCO team has provided in 2020! 

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